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Build Your Dream Real Estate Career.

Join the team and brokerage with everything you need to build, grow, and scale your real estate career.

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Building a successful real estate career is twice as hard without the right team.

But most brokerages lack resources, and most teams lack culture.

Causing agents to experience low income, low morale, or get trapped an unscalable business model. But it doesn't have to be this way for you...

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At D1 Agent Group, we are always looking for new players who love real estate, know how to work hard and want to provide exceptional real estate service to clients. 

Helping agents at every stage of business:

 New Agents

Establish your brand, find clients, and get the traction you need.


Forget the burnout by using systems to create sustainable growth in your business. 

Team Builder's

Remove yourself from the day-to-day and continue earning a living without the grind.

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What you get at D1 Agent Group:

 Personalized, Individual Coaching.

Weekly calls, Personalized business plan, Local mentorship, Ongoing coaching throughout your career. 

A Culture that Supports and Motivates you.

Team meetings, Group messages, Local and Virtual trainings, Large referral network.

A Brokerage with endless Support & Tools.

RevShare structure, Cloud-based broker support, A winning recipe for team growth. 

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"The equation for success is the same in every arena of life..." 

We believe there are a handful of core elements in every successful business. Our mission is to help other agents like us, implement these core elements to build thriving real estate businesses with real impact. 

Tim Johnson & Marcus Flannigan
- Founders of D1 Agent Group

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eXp is not just a real estate brokerage.

It’s a platform for a real estate agent to grow a business within a business. This is where the massive opportunity lies within this platform. As we meet with agents, teams, and broker owners on a daily basis; most are stuck trying to figure out how to leverage their experience and strengths to grow.

When we share the opportunity of eXp’s platform, the reaction from many top performers is: "This is everything I was trying to create on my own, I just didn’t know how to do it."

This platform offers you a vehicle you can LEVERAGE to build an actual business for yourself vs a job.

Build a better business.  

Start by scheduling a call with us and find out how our growing team of agents are maximizing their businesses at every level and beyond!